You can make great smart space saving decisions with design and renovation to your home with our best home renovation builders in Melbourne. This will make even the smallest room seem spacious. All you need to do is a bit of planning and work with an excellent design and build team of home renovation specialists like LGA Home Builders. There are several home renovation companies in Melbourne but we assure you that we will give you the best of contractors and materials to save space in your home. Here are ways to max out your space in every room:

1. Use the light

While a small room can be dark which can make it feel smaller, you should go bold with lighting. Even big windows will make your rooms feel bigger. A raised skylight is a great way to bring in lighting. This is an excellent way to break the monotony of a ceiling and bring in sunshine.

2. Create multi-use rooms

You should install sliding panels in larger rooms. When they are open, you have a large and clear space and if you need privacy for work or study then you can slide the panels shut and create two separate rooms. Sliding doors are also excellent when kids need to share a bedroom.

3. Design with dividers

If there is a small lounge-dining area then you should create two individual spaces for installing a non-solid divider of a kind. A freestanding fireplace is an excellent option as they are open to shelves for ornaments, TV on a swivel mount and a giant fish tank.

4. Go open plan

An open plan design is the best way to give the illusion of space and create a flow through a home. Putting up walls in your living area would otherwise leave you feeling cramped.

5. Max out your kitchen island

You should try not to clutter your kitchen with more shelves and cupboards than necessary. On these lines, you should install spring loaded cabinets and drawers instead of kitchen island with a concealed power strip to be a smart space saver.

6. Expandable furniture

If you do not have room for an 8 seater dining table then get one that sits four and can be expanded to accommodate eight. If you do not have space for a kitchen table then you should build a pull-out counter into the kitchen island. This can also be done in bathrooms and study areas where the extra working space is needed from time to time.

7. Think outside the box

If you have a small apartment then you really need to think outside the box for solar and wind powered machines that sneak onto a roof so that you do not end up paying high bills.

8. Keep Things Up Until Later

You should attach hooks to the wall and hang everything from hats to cooking supplies and foldable tables and chairs to handbags and save a lot of floor and counter space

9. Fold your bed

One of the greatest space savers is if you can fold your bed and put it into the wall. What’s left is a huge area where you can entertain guests and have a comfortable sofa and shelves with a television set.

10. Hide and seek new heights

You should try to hide several types of clothing, shoes, bags and cash to keep it safe and way from prying eyes. You would be able to do that for small areas in tiny home that hides mini storage areas in the floors and in walls.

11. Press and pull

If you treat cabinet doors like LEGO sets and press them to reveal endless possibilities then you can easily create your apartment by installing spring-loaded doors onto the cabinets and hollow objects.

12. Fake it until you make it

If your apartment feels stuffy then you should try and increase its space with lighting. Open the window curtains or blinds all the way and watch in awe as sunshine magically airs out your place. Then kick things up a notch by copying lighting tricks of smaller homes and then you can ensure that your home looks and feels bigger.

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