We build homes as if they are our own


Welcome to LGA Builders

LGA first started off as LGA Carpentry way back in 1986 and then moved to LGA Home Builders Pty Ltd in 2006. We are a family owned company and run by George Apostolidis (CEO/ Builder/ Carpenter) and Stefanie Apostolidis (Site Manager/ Carpenter / Builder’s Assistant).

Based in Heidelberg Heights, we build across northern to north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, but also build across the rest of Melbourne.

There are so many building companies across Victoria and it is always important to choose the right one.  Our Father/ Daughter building company works closely with you and your project, and we are always on each and every site to maintain the LGA Builders consistent quality.

We watch over the build at every stage so that we are on top of the job personally, eliminating most issues, setbacks, to maintain a smooth build with ease, and most important; on time and to your expectations. 

Building is not easy and the issues that arise can be stressful, but at LGA Home Builders we want to take on those responsibilities from start to finish so that you can go on with your day-to-day, without the stress of a building site.

We build homes as if they are our own.

George Apostolidis


We love what we do

Over 30+ YearsExperience

We have been doing this for a long time, and over the years we have built a solid relationship with companies, suppliers and our repeat clients, enabling us to provide a high quality service at an affordable price.

Building Strong Relationships

We strongly believe that creating a direct relationship with the client throughout the job, is very important.  We want our clients to feel comfortable, be able to approach us and share and discuss anything with us in regards to the job.

Passionate About Building

We are honest genuine people, who are very passionate and just absolutely love building and everything that comes along with it.

The team

Best crew ever

George Apostolidis

CEO/ Builder/ Carpenter

"I can't picture myself doing anything else, Building is my life, my passion, and I love the challenges it brings"

Stefanie Apostolidis

Site Manager/ Carpenter/ Builder’s Assistant

"I started carpentry when I was a little kid on job sites with my dad, now i'm following his footsteps to eventually get my Builder's License"


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