When you are creating your dream home, one of the most important decisions that you will make is choosing the right builder for your home. There is a top quality, well-built renovation or extension that will enhance your lifestyle and give you the home and your family will love living in for several years. With the right home extension builders in Melbourne, you can build a quality extension and this will increase the market value of your home. While incompetent house extension companies could cost you thousands of dollars by ruining your extension and renovation.

Builders done a similar extension

You should know that unlike building new homes which are built from off the shelf templates, extensions come in the shapes and sizes that can be different as the homes to which they are being added. Whether you are looking at extending up or out, when you are looking for a home extension in Melbourne, it is a good idea to ensure that the builder has performed a similar project to the one that you have planned. This is especially important when it comes to the period or the heritage homes. These homes often have extra requirements or skills needed to seamlessly integrate an extension. So if you are looking at extending or renovating a period house, look for a builder that has experienced in this style of home. This is why it is worthwhile finding a builder that has completed projects in the same suburb or surrounding areas.


It’s best to work with a builder that you feel comfortable with and with whom you can connect. The ideal builder will ask questions and listen to your goals and vision and they will work hard at understanding your lifestyle and recommend the products and designs that best fit your home. Builders that are transparent are the best to work with and are happy to answer all the questions from the start. They would give you a timeline and a comprehensive estimate in a proper manner. These builders should also let you know know about their building philosophy, the products that they will use and the have good relationships with all the contractors that will help build your home. You should avoid builders that have trouble answering questions clearly and take a long period to respond. This may lead to an early sign that you will experience frustration with communication during the build. Get a builder that responds promptly and makes you feel like their only customer. We at LGA Home Builders aim to be open and honest with our customers and involve them in the process from the initiation to the completion.

Registered and Licensed

Most home extension builders in Melbourne are registered and licensed. You can check this through the state authority. You should definitely not work with a builder without a license. Additionally, you could lose valuable protection against substandard work and poor business practices. You should check if the home extension companies in Melbourne are members of the Housing Industry Association and Master Builders. These organisations provide you with invaluable training and support that is needed for builders. Membership  with professional body ensures that the builder is updated with changes in the industry and aware of new rules and regulations.

References and testimonials

Your experienced builder that are skilled and reliable will have consistently produced great results to have a large following of satisfied customers. All you have to do is check their website and social media accounts for testimonials from happy customers. You will also be able to see examples of their work but builders would not want to invade on the privacy of their satisfied customers.

Since you are looking for a home that is well designed and crafted to fit your family’s wants and needs, then you should connect with LGA Home Builders for more information. We are highly regarded in the industry and have built renowned home extensions that we have built and designed. With decades of experience, we have satisfied several customers in Melbourne and beyond. Contact us today to make your dream home at 0413 311 262.