When you are looking to build a new home in Melbourne then you would want it designed based on how you want it to look. For most home buyers, building a home is an exciting time. But it can put a lot of pressure on you to get everything just right. You should consider some new home builders in Melbourne to help you build a strong and inspiring home.

Here are some key factors that you should consider when designing your new home to ensure that you create the perfect home for your family:

1. Location

Determining where to build is important. Location is the first thing that you should decide upon and the location of your block will heavily influence the kind of house that you will build. This is important as it helps determine the size, location, shape of the land and this will help you narrow down your options when you are looking at building and designing your home.

2. Look and Fit

You need to check if your house suits the land. You need to know if the house has the right look and fit on the land that you buy. In case the block is narrow then you should consider going for a double storey house design and to use the space to maximise it. But, if your land is on acreage then you will have plenty of space for the country style home complete with a wrap-around verandah.

3. Block & House Orientation

Orientation is important no matter what style of house you have chosen. Most owners have north facing homes which will give the house the most possible direct sunlight throughout the day. This is desirable particularly in winter when the temperature drops not only in the inside of the house but on the outside too. In case the location is affected by strong winds then you should take into consideration when planning your house’s orientation and what you would be using your outdoor space for.

4. Current & Future Family Needs

One of the major mistakes that most people make is designing a home with only planning for current needs. Currently, you could be a young family with three kids but in time things could change. Think of how your house will work when your kids have grown up and moved out. Also, there could be a chance that your elderly parents would want to come and live with you one day. If you are staying in the property for a long term then you should make sure that you incorporate design features that could be adapted or useful in years to come and not just the short term.

5. Your Ideal Wish List Of Inclusions

You should make a wish list of everything that you want in the new home. This means that you should probably include almost anything that you can think of. Once the list has been made, you should take a look at which inclusions are doable on the budget and within your design and block constraints. In this way, you will know exactly what is achievable and what’s not on the list. You might want a pool, a fire pit and an entertainment area but decide on which is the most important and go for them based on your space constraints.

6. Budget

There something things that people overlook in their budget. Sometimes, it can be easy to be carried away when designing your own home but if what you are designing is unattainable and not affordable then there’s no point in pursing it. You should set your budget with a bit of contingency from the start and do not move to far from it. There could be unexpected costs and changes along the way that you do not want to blow the budget before the build even starts.

7. Avoid Trends

Trends are there for a stipulated period and then they come and go. You should look at building a house that will stand the test of time and would not look dated in 5 to 10 years’ time. All you have to do is speak to your new house builder in Melbourne about what constitutes a classic design that will not date easily.

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