When it comes to home renovation companies in Melbourne, you should choose LGA Home Builders. They have the best home renovation specialists and ensure that they do not eat into your budget and finances. In most cases, if you know when to renovate then it saves you time, effort and money. Certain parts of the year can be easier to extend your home based on the phases of your job, weather and cost saving.

Source Materials at Reasonable Prices

At LGA Home Builders, we maintain a good relationship with our suppliers. These relationships hold longevity and trust over a decade. Sourcing materials at reasonable prices can be difficult and you should know that our relationships do not work around demand and supply and so the costs stay reasonable.

Contractor Availability

These projects use several trades like scaffolding, concreting, carpentry, bricklaying, plumbing, electrical, plastering, tiling and roof tiling. This means that if you want to work with specific contractors that you know and trust on your home renovation then their availability will be an important factor. Selecting, researching and booking these contractors or tradespeople in advance will help you have a wider selection of time frames for your renovation.


When it comes to work, we are always open and honest with our clients. We ensure that they are involved in the entire process to ensure that you have a good understanding of the work they are commissioned. One major step that gets overlooked in the home renovation process is the paperwork needed for your local council. This is another factor that can add unwanted waiting time to your start date. By handing your paperwork in the colder months, it will help speed up the processing.

Mother nature herself is also an important aspect to factor into your renovation or plans. Melbourne is a city that can experience all four seasons in a single day. Here are the risks and opportunities of renovating in each season:

Autumn (March, April, May)

Risks: As a transitional season, the months of autumn can be unpredictable. While warm days leads to heavy rains which means that digging and roofing jobs are put on hold.

Opportunities: When the cooler weather sets in, renovation companies and contractors, tradespeople and builders starts to slow down. This is a great time to start talking about home renovation, allowing plenty of time before work begins in the warmer months.

Winter (June, July, August)

Risks: When winter arrives in Melbourne, so do freezing temperatures. The risks at this time include frozen ground which can impact foundation work as well as rainy days where the sites foreman should conclude that no work can be done on the site. This makes the work get postponed and so do the deadlines.

Opportunities: Winter is a quiet time for the renovation industry. In these months, things can be far less busy for builders with less project work overlapping with their own. On dryer days as well these months can be actually better for construction and help with finishes, digging and fixtures.

Spring (September, October, November)

Risks: With the weather improving throughout spring, this can be the busiest time for builders. The supply and demand when it comes to building would mean that you pay more money for materials and time.

Opportunities: You should know that sunnier days and mild temperatures can create much easier ways to complete digging, roofing or other outdoor work.

Summer (December, January, February)

Risks: During the summer months, it can be very popular to renovate. High temperatures can affect the renovation work which include finishes that usually need to set. Foreman could also be cautious of their workers safety because of the heat. Melbourne’s summer temperatures can soar, and on the days of thirty five degrees you can expect your work site to be called out.

Opportunities: Though it can be really hot, summer is the best time for roofing projects. If the home renovations needs an upgrade to the roof then these high temperatures are needed to order the seal of new fittings.

If you are looking to renovate your home and wondering when you should do it then give us a call on 0413 311 262 today.